Belonging in Playback Theatre (2020)

Belonging In Playback Theatre. The Greek «Playback Ψ» Theatre Company (cover)

Belonging in Playback Theatre 
The Greek “Playback Ψ” Theatre Company

Would you like to share your story? Would you tell it in front of an audience? Would you like to watch it being performed on stage? Playback Theatre is where this wish can come true. Founded in the USA, in the mid-seventies by Jonathan Fox and his colleagues, Playback Theatre has since expanded and spread all over the world, giving voice to people without discrimination. In Greece, “Playback Ψ” theatre company has been exploring this genre with devotion and professionalism for the last fifteen years. Its founder, Lambros Yotis, psychiatrist, dramatherapist and theatre director and the company have experienced the aesthetic, therapeutic and social dimension of playback theatre. This book offers this knowledge and experience after years of reflecting the audience’s inner worlds, connecting people through their stories. Perhaps the only human story. The story of Desire and Loss.Who will play yourself in this story?

“Playback Ψ” Theatre Group:  The contributors

Part A – Under the stage lights

The “Playback Ψ” Theatre Group – a Visit Through Time
L. Yotis

Playback Theatre Through the Perspective of the Actor
M. Kastrinou, C. Theocharopoulos, S. Vasiliadis

Music in Playback Theatre
K. Elositou, A. Misirliadis, P. Koukoutas

Visual Art and Playback Theatre
E. N. Gyra, E. Politopoulou, M. Tsagaraki, N. Theocharopoulos

Part B – Therapeutic Approaches

Playback Theatre: A Theatre of a New Catharsis – a Spiritual Approach
D. Begioglou

Psychodrama and Playback Theatre: Two stages for action of the soul
T. Portokaloglou

Therapeutic Processes in Dramatherapy and Playback Theatre
C. Fragiadaki

Playback meets Expressive Arts Therapy
M. Maragopoulou

Part C – Social Action and Research

Playback Theatre performances as a tool within social institutions and facilities
A. Chatziargyriou, C. Webster

Playback Theatre in Adult Education
C. Theocharopoulos, V. Lardi

Playback Theatre as a tool for to support self-efficacy in the elderly
M. Kastrinou

The Effect of Playback Theatre in the Personal Narrative of the Narrator
C. Fragiadaki


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