Association of Dramatic Expression and Therapy

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”Palmos”, a non-profitable Association of Dramatic Expression and Therapy, is based in Athens, Greece. It was founded in 2005, by Lambros Yotis, psychiatrist (University of Athens, Greece) and dramatherapist (PG Dip and PhD, University of Hertfordshire, UK), theatre actor (Drama School of Athens), stage director and accredited playback theatre trainer (Centre of Playback Theatre, NY). Its members are accredited psychotherapists and professionals in social work, education and the arts, such as Dimitris Begioglou (psychotherapist, playback teacher and musician), Christina Fragiadaki (dramatherapist and actress), Christos Theocharopoulos, Vera Lardi and Margarita Kastrinou (playback and theatre actors and teachers). The aims of this association are research and action in the field that joins theatre, psychotherapy and social sensitization. Methods and techniques deriving from the art of theatre, psychiatry, psychotherapy, dramatherapy, psychodrama and social sciences are applied to meet these aims. Under the umbrella of Palmos, a number of therapeutic and artistic activities take place: psychotherapeutic and dramatherapeutic groups, seminars and workshops, experimental theatre workshops, theatre performances and playback theatre training and performances.


Playback PSI theatre group
Member of the International Playback Theatre Network (IPTN)

Playback theatre is a form of improvisational theatre that is based on people’s real life stories, which are enacted on stage by a number of specially trained performers. This non-scripted theatre can by used to strengthen emotional bonds within a community of people who want to express and share their personal life experiences. Playback theatre has been used worldwide in education, for people with special needs, for people with mental disorders or emotional problems, for people who belong to minority groups, for people with a drug dependence, for victims of traumatic events or disasters, for people who want to enforce their business skills, as well as for members of teams, conferences or social and cultural events.


«Playback Psi» has been first established in Greece in 2004, by a number of performers (actors, dancers, musicians, singers, stage and light designers) who have had special training in theatre improvisational techniques as well as drama-therapy and psychodrama techniques, under the guidance of Lambros Yotis, psychiatrist and drama-therapist, with studies and professional experience in theatre and acting. Its aim is theatre as a means for social, educational and therapeutic change.

From 2005 till now this group has been performing in a number of central Athenian theatre stages (“Theatre of Neos Cosmos”, Multi-cultural space “Booze-Cooperativa”, Music stage “Tea in Sahara”, Theatre “Victoria”, Studio Mavromihali) as well as for audiences in a variety of settings, such as conferences, schools and educational settings, psychiatric and rehabilitation settings.  

Contact Info:

Association of Dramatic Expression and Therapy
3 Kleistenous street, Kotzia Square, Athens (Greece)

Lambros Yotis
Artistic Director, Trainer
+30 6938719138

Christos Theocharopoulos
Actor, Drama Teacher
+30 6944917246