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Core training in Tele-Playback: An introduction to PT online

This course was specifically designed to introduce live streaming PT. All elements of PT were carefully considered, practiced and adapted to an online version of PT that values the unique atmosphere, ritual, aesthetics and togetherness found in the core of Playback Theatre.

Playback Theatre is a form of improvisational theatre based on people’s real life stories, which are enacted on stage by a group of specially trained performers. Improvisation includes sounds, movement, dialogue, use of objects, music, song and lighting. The performance is constructed collectively by both the performers and the audience. Each performance is a unique theatre piece. PT combines physical theatre with techniques resulting from drama therapy, psychodrama and social theatre.

The Greek School of Playback Theatre was established by the Association of Dramatic Expression and Therapy “Palmos” and is accredited by the Center of Playback theatre (CPT). The training team of the Greek School of Playback theatre consists of highly experienced professionals working in the performing arts, education and mental health. Trainers are members of Playback Psi The. Co. established in Greece, in 2004 under the guidance of psychiatrist, dramatherapist and director Lambros Yotis. Playback Psi The. Co. is a member of IPTN (International Playback theatre Association).

Course description
Core training is the foundation of PT training. Participants will learn and practice:
• the history, methodology and ethics of PT
• the core forms of representation in PT
• PT ritual
• performing PT on camera (aesthetics, setting the set, use of props)
• improvisation skills
• active listening
• group life and dynamics
• live performing in an open online rehearsal on completion of the training

Participants will be provided with an accredited certificate of completion by GSPT and CPT.
Maximum number of absences during training: two days
We celebrate diversity and welcome all. This course is, particularly, suggested to professionals working as expressive arts psychotherapists, dramatherapists, psychodramatists, theatre in education facilitators, acting students and any individual interested in participatory theatre.
No previous experience in acting is required.

Training language: English
Technical requirements: Lap top or desktop, internet access, privacy.
The course will be delivered via Zoom
Maximum number of participants: 15
Dates: 2-3, 9-10, 16-17, 23-24 October 2021
Time: 10:00-14:00 CET (Central European Time)

Early Bird fee (until 11 September 2021): 200€
Regular fee (after 12 September 2021): 260€

Payment info
PALMOS Association of Dramatic expression and Therapy
* Please add “tele-playback” and your name to the notes

Τrainers’ Bios
Dimitris Begioglou is a clinical psychologist, actor, musician, singer and accredited Playback Theatre trainer. He studied in Athens, Paris and Tallinn. He is the founder of the Centre of Abstinence and co founder of the Greek School of Playback Theatre. During a 25 years experience on teaching, performing or consulting around the world, he enjoys tremendously bringing people from different cultures together, and articulating just one story out of many heard.

Vera Lardi is a Psychodrama Psychotherapist and actress. She was trained in Playback theatre at the Association of Dramatic Expression and Therapy “Palmos” and joined Playback Psi Theatre Company in 2004. She is a PT performer, conductor and trainer. She is the founder of Arts in Perspective, in Athens. She works in Greece and internationally as a psychotherapist, applied theatre trainer and adult educator. She is committed to the performing arts and their practice towards community building and celebration, social change and personal healing.